Executive Marketing & Creative Roles & Jobs

Professional advertising agencies have different sections that work in tandem with each other to create brilliant ads along with catch phrases that are sure to attract the attention of your clients. By the way, if you have experience in marketing, you can apply for marketing director jobs in those agencies as well, as they are consistently on the lookout for such professionals who will boost the income of their agency by getting hold of new clients and their portfolios. The pay scales for such jobs are extremely good, and you can get incentives depending on the number of new clients you can secure for the agency as well. Let us look at the different sections of an advertising agency.

Extra information about marketing director jobs

You need the help of a specialist to promote your business. It does not matter if you are the proprietor of a brick and mortar shop or promoting your business through the net. It is vital to grab the attention of prospective clients with well written text and suitable graphics. Unfortunately, you are not going to succeed in this venture unless you seek the help of a professional. While you might find cheap offers online, promising to promote your business overnight, they are simply not worth it. You need the help of a team of experienced specialists, who, as a group, work to create stunning and eye catching ads. In such a scenario, your best option is to seek the help of a professional advertising company. 

The different sections of the advertising agency

The director

He is the overall head of the agency. The heads of other departments report to him. His job is to ensure that the company runs successfully, and have the foresight to view potential threats (some other agency trying to steal his client), and clip them in the bud.

The studio manager

His job is to assign different parts of a campaign to the specialists of the studio. He also examines the job and either returns it to the designers if not satisfied or forwards it to be released in the media if satisfied.

The creative manager

He is responsible for handling a team that come up with new ideas that play a huge role in making a success of the campaign. He is in charge of a team of copywriters and designers that conjure text and design that helps promote products. He collaborates with the other heads of departments work hand in glove with each other to create a successful campaign.